Social Media Training

One-to-one training conversations

At its core, social media works to mimic our real-life relationships with those around us. In practice, using it effectively is not always so easy.

A one-to-one conversation can be held during a lunch break, or over a morning or afternoon. As a guided conversation, we’ll walk through the concepts and mechanics of the tools you’re interested in, and leave you with a plan for using – and benefiting from – social media tools that fit you personally and professionally.

Group training sessions

Everyone is a salesperson in your organization, no matter what their job title. Their friends and family know where they work, and so any social comments they make about their workplace will reflect on you.

It is in your interest for them to be aware of the pros and cons of social media, and know how to use it so it reflects well on them, as well as on your business.

A group training session can be a great way for your staff to become familiar with the social media environment, available tools and how they fit together, and improve awareness of responsible online behaviour.