About Rorecco

Why Rorecco?

I started Rorecco to help professionals and those with small and medium business bridge the gaps between personal and business, digital and real-life.

Social media is intensely personal – after all, it’s about individuals connecting and communicating the same way we do in person. Just like real life, the power of those networks can be exceptional for a professional or business owner.

But time is a scarce resource and you don’t want to waste time finding out about tools and tactics that turn out to be unreliable or irrelevant.

This is why everything you do with Rorecco starts with identifying your goals and objectives, be they personal, professional or business, and ends with information, plans and activities that align with your needs, wants, resources and business requirements.

profilepicWhy me?

With almost a decade of corporate communications experience and fifteen years working with websites, I’m the perfect blend of digital native and grownup.

Delivering social media training for CEOs and business owners, and completing an MA with a research project titled Digital Media and the CEO: An exploration of how CEOs use digital media to access business intelligence and personal development information, provided me with a great understanding of the pressures of being a high-performing professional or business owner. Because of this, I am skilled in identifying objectives, solutions and processes that are not only relevant, but respectful of your time and resources.